Guarantee Your Vision

Guarantee YOUR vision!

Tear-off Gaskets is a patent pending product. Our gaskets were developed by a professional racer, for the everyday motorcycle enthusiast that lives to ride regardless of the weather conditions. The product itself is made with vegetable fibre gasket material. The gasket is designed to sit 3mm in from the border of the laminated tear-offs. This creates a tight seal between the lens and laminated stacks. The tear-off gasket is thick enough to create a compressible seal, yet thin enough to allow for a total of three laminated seven stacks with a gasket between each stack. This allows riders to install twenty-one tear-offs, while ensuring that no foreign material will enter their field of vision. We guarantee clear vision in all conditions! Save your vision, save your eyes!


During my first Moto the rain came and I was surprised that by the end of the 20 minute moto, I still had two tear offs left and clear vision! No water or debris made its way between my tear offs and with almost everyone else pitching their goggles, I was stoked to have my eyes free from mud. I will say that you can see the outline of the gasket though the lens, but it doesn’t really hamper your vision when riding that much. When I first put my Oakley Airbrake’s on, I thought I would have a problem with the gasket being so visible, but during the muddy moto, I barely noticed it. Being a California guy, I never thought I needed this, but now that I had the chance to test the Tear-Off Gaskets, I am re-considering having some on hand in the gear bag. Keefer Tested Keefer Tested Report

Kris Keefer

My first experience with the Tear off Gasket product was during the 2020 Rockstar Triple Crown Nationals. At round 4, we had heavy rain and it destroyed the track. Normally, I wouldn't test a new product on race day, but I had confidence in the gasket design. I was able to race the entire moto with one pair of goggles, which helped me earn another Moto win. The gasket worked perfectly and stopped all the water and mud from affecting my vision. This was impressive considering there was a heavy down pour during the entire moto!

Jess Pettis (Red Bull KTM)

This product is unreal. I will be using Tear-off Gaskets whenever the conditions call for it! Every brand will be jumping on this product as it is a game changer!

Marco Canella (MX101 YAMAHA)